Anti-Imperialism Being Censored, First Worldists Silent

The coming mass censorship that many have feared has already arrived. Yet, despite the justified hysteria surrounding it, the reaction to its manifestation has been dead silence. All across Facebook and Twitter, accounts associated with “Iranian propaganda” have been deleted. All across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, and YouTube, hundreds of Iranian accounts have been shut down.

The powers that be call it purging the internet of accounts “pushing Iranian interests”. Thus far the primary victims have been social media personas and actors. The excuse for this is the claim that they’re propaganda outlets, in other cases being “fake news sites”. In other words, anyone who disagrees with the US’s hostile foreign policy towards Iran. Thus far PressTV seems to be unaffected.

Many of these accounts simply broadcasted the view of the Iranian government and its people. Most of it was simply a wish for the US to stop threatening war with the country for not being a willing puppet of imperialism. It is nothing less than censorship to block someone’s right to ASK not to be killed by a matter of policy. This is a deliberate censorship of the voices of the Global South. Many of these accounts spoke up for Palestinians as they’re slaughtered. They were important voices for those who have no voice of their own.

The US government has gone on a censorship drive that I think is just beginning to take off. In the future, we can look forward to greater and greater acts of censorship. The truth is out there (so to speak) that is being provided by alternative media. That media is a threat to the capitalist-imperialist order.

However, some incorrect ideas persist. One of them is: “If we had only supported Alex Jones this wouldn’t have happened.” Such is nonsense. Even if everyone was willing to take a bullet for Jones’s psychotic nonsense, it wouldn’t have helped. Jones was censored for being a “dangerous idiot” who harassed innocent people. These Iranian outlets were censored because they opposed being kill by the US Empire. There is a huge difference, not all speech is equal. It is insulting to the oppressed globally to actually compare their right not to be killed, to Jones’ conspiracy theory rants.

Is my question this? Where are the first worldists? If they were this upset about jones being censored, why are they not even more upset about this? Surely censoring an anti-imperialist stance is more significant than conspiracy theories. But there’s not a peep from them.

The reason why is pure first worldism. Censoring Jones is attacking a first world person, like them. Attacking the Iranian outlets doesn’t bother them so much because it’s something distant, something foreign, something not like them. They don’t care when their government, in conjunction with the private sector, blocks foreigners – only when it hits too close to home. In this sense, they do place a conspiracy nut over that of the global oppressed.

This reminds us why the first world “comrades” cannot be counted on to support revolutionary activity.