Kurds Reach out to Russia in Absence of US Support

The Kurdish forces who occupy the north of Syria as a proxy force of the United States are growing anxious over the announced withdraw of US troops from the country. It’s very obvious that the US is using the Kurds to balkanize the country in a manner similar to what was done to Yugoslavia. They n track to become a new racist puppet state like Israel. The crimes committed by the Kurds have only been possible with the military assistance of the US. The ethnic cleansing confiscation of property of Arabs speaks volumes about who the Kurds really are. Aside from having openly allied with US imperialism while claiming to be socialists and anti-imperialists.

Now devoid of the US propping them up, they’ve decided to reach out of Russia who has backed the legitimate government and population of Syria.[1]

Thus far the US has been assisting them only so far as the Kurds have been able to act as a justification for the illegal military occupation of Syria. It has been claimed more than once that the US is not in violation because the Kurds have invited them. The Kurds have occupied an interesting space in the Syrian conflict. They’ve acted as a proxy force, yet been allowed to attack another (now former) US ally in Turkey. As the US allowed the Kurds to carry out terrorist attacks on the Turkish population,[2] they’ve celebrated them as a force for fighting ISIS.

Now that the Kurds are no longer being supported by the US they know very well that they’ll be forced out of the areas that they’ve been occupying for the US. The oil fields will be returned to the population of Syria, and the homes of Arabs will be restored. The Kurds rightfully fear retaliation for their alliance with US imperialism.

Now as a tactic they’re reaching out to Russia in the hopes that an alliance with them will provide some protection from the Syrian government. This move is offer is highly unlikely to be accepted by Russia. The Russians already have an alliance which shares their interests in the Syrian government. The Kurds can offer them nothing. I sincerely doubt Russia will accept their offer of an alliance, but I suppose there’s a small chance they might if they see some benefit to it.

It is interesting that the Kurds have now reached out to Russia after previously attempting to blackmail the US into returning. A week ago Kurdish forces threatened to release 3,200 captured ISIS fighters in an attempt to “raise awareness”.[3] Essentially, the Kurds would openly assist ISIS in order for the US to have a justification for the US to come back.

However, there is another angle here. Many suspect that the Kurds are reaching out to Russia in the hopes of provoking the US into propping them up again. Such a tactic is not likely to work. If the blackmail of releasing ISIS fighters doesn’t move the US, attempting an alliance with Russia won’t.

These facts, the opportunism, the threat to assist ISIS put to rest the myth of Kurdish moral excellence.



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