The Case for Iranian Nuclear Weapons

We know that the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) is a tool of the US to keep any new country from obtaining nuclear arms. In an ideal world for the US, no one else would own them at all. The goal is to keep nuclear arms out of as many countries that are opposed to US aggression as possible. On this ground alone, the NPT should be disregarded in favour of nuclear development. This is why the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the Islamic Republic of Iran should develop such capabilities.

The development of nuclear weapons in Iran is unlikely to cause an arms race. In fact, it would level the playing field in the region. Israel has them with no oversight. Only the Arab states – all NPT members – have non-controversial nuclear programs. Iran having them would make no difference. Israel would still have them as a proxy force for the US. As it is, Israel can threaten everyone in the region with its weapons. If Iran possessed them as well we’d have a mutually assured destruction (MAD) scenario. This would be able to keep Israel’s aggression in check. It would actually promote peace in this regard.

The threat of a retaliatory strike from Iran would make it possible for them to assist in other anti-imperialist endeavours. Iran would have better assurances against increased Israeli aggression if they were to assist the Syrian government to a greater degree. In the past, Israel has threatened major retaliation for helping the Assad government. Those threats would carry much less weight if Iran was capable of striking back. This would actually increase the possibilities of anti-imperialist struggles, at least in the Middle East.

We need nuclear weapons in the hands of an anti-imperialist state to counter the terrorism of Israel.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman says he’ll seek nuclear arms if Iran has them. This is fine as the MAD principal would remain where it is. It cannot be denied that Israel and Saudi Arabia are allied via the United States. Both are close allies of the primary imperialist power, and thus are on the same side – they both seek the elimination of Iran and Syria as well. The potential for MAD remains the same even if Saudi Arabia obtains nuclear weapons.

Many may point to the US sanctions that would be placed if Iran were to abandon the Iran Nuclear Deal. However, it should be noted that the US has already left the deal and imposed sanctions. There were no grounds for doing so. All European signatories and the International Atomic Energy Agency have certified that Iran was in full compliance. Since this is the case and the US is imposing sanctions anyway, there’s no reason to remain in the agreement under threat the of punishment – which already exist!

A nuclear armed Iran would be a tremendous force for countering US-Zionist power in the region.