President of the Opposition Openly Calls for Coup in Venezuela

It is clear that thus far the US and its imperialist allies have been unable to use internal and external pressure to oust the popular government and leadership of the Nicholas Maduro. Despite more than a decade of lies, sabotage, sanctions, and outright violent terrorism against the country, they have categorically failed to remove the Maduro and the Popular Socialist Party. They continue to win elections despite claims by imperialist media that they are rigged, providing no evidence whatsoever. Meanwhile, they blatantly ignore when the pro-US opposition uses violence to shut down pro-Maduro groups and to manipulate vote the collection.

The opposition in Venezuela is highly frustrated by their inability to seize the government from the popular will of the people. Half of them boycott the election under the guise of rejecting “fake” elections. The other half run with the blessing of foreign powers promising to undo the “damage” that is blamed on Maduro, but in fact is the work of open sabotage. The opposition simply can’t get their story right, they can’t even agree on the which way to oppose Maduro. Every election they cry foul with no evidence to support their fraudulent claims of vote tampering. That seems to be changing.

On January 10th Maduro was sworn into another term as president after winning the May 20th election. A day later, Juan Guaidó, the president of the opposition National Assembly, refused to recognize President Maduro and declared himself willing to assume the presidency “with the support of the armed forces, the people and the international community.” The self-proclaimed champions of democracy and freedom in Venezuela have openly called for a coup d’etat against the democratically elected president. If they are so interested in supporting democracy and rule of law, then where is the opposition to denounce this open traitor?

The audacity of such a move is utterly astounding. This act of blatant contempt for democracy in the country is unacceptable. How audacious is it to stand up before the public in an official government capacity and call for a total subvention of democracy? In any country in the world, such an act would land a person in prison for sedition. Yet, this man walks free in Venezuela today. This speaks to the tolerance that Maduro has for the opposition and their outright criminal actions. Many are asking why he hasn’t been charged with treason. I would certainly like to know myself.

It’s clear that Guaidó has announced to his allies in the US that he is willing to assume the presidency if they were to carry out this coup d’etat. His call for the support of the “international community” says everything. It’s clear who he’s talking about when he uses the term. He’s referring to the US. If they decide to carry out their long-standing practice of overthrowing democratically elected government who stand in opposition to them, he’s willing to bow at their feet like a dog. Nothing could speak more to the contempt Guaidó has for his own country and his own people. His willingness to subvert democracy and hand over control of the country to his US paymasters simply for his own personal gain.

This is wholly in line with US foreign policy. On the same day, Maduro was sworn in, US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, called upon the Armed Forces to forcibly dismiss Maduro. A US politician has openly called for the military to abandon democratically elected president and place a US puppet in his place. The US has no level it is not willing to sink to in order to regain control over the Venezuelan Republic from the Bolivarian Revolution. This act wholly flies in the face of democracy and right to self-determination. This is a morally criminal act by the US and its puppets inside Venezuela.

Guaidó should be immediately arrested and charged with treason for his outlandish behaviour and utter contempt for the people of Venezuela and their democratic process.