US Threatens Military Invasion of Venezuela

US aggression against Venezuela has quite possibly reached the end game. US President Donald Trump has announced that he is considering military action against the sovereign state of Venezuela. While appearing on the CBS program Face the Nation he said, “it’s an option”. He did not elaborate what he meant by the words, but Trump has made it clear that he is willing to carry out an invasion of the country that would cost hundreds of thousands of lives.

This comes after the National Security Advisor of the United States, John Bolton, “accidentally” left a notepad facing outwards showing a plan to send 5,000 US troops to Columbia – presumably to invade Venezuela.

The US has already made it clear that they support the usurper Juan Guaido who unilaterally declared himself the president of Venezuela by an interesting interpretation of the constitution. Guaido had no authority to declare himself the president when he swore himself in last week. Immediately the “international community” recognized him as the legitimate leader of the country, completely ignoring the elections which saw rightful president Maduro win 67% of the vote.

In actuality, only a handful of imperialist states recognized Guaido. By contrast, almost 100 recognized Maduro. The US has also introduced new thieving legislation which confiscates all the profits from Venezuelan state oil company operating in the US, and places them in the hands of Guaido. The US says they will not release the funds to the Venezuelan government until Maduro steps down from power. At the same time, the UK central bank is keeping Venezuela’s gold holdings, refusing to turn them over to the government. Of course, they’ve made it accessible to Guaido. It is clear that both the US and the UK are thieves.

This ongoing conflict against Venezuela is nothing less than an act of imperialist aggression, and an outright crime against humanity. Former special rapporteur Alfred de Zayas who visited Venezuela has told The Independent that the US sanctions on the country are illegal and could amount to “crimes against humanity” under international law. This injustice, however, will go unpunished.

This must be the tipping point where the world is finally willing to stand up to the US and its imperialist actions. Constantly the US is invading an occupying countries to steal their resources while the world sits back and watches. The international bodies which are supposed to be regulating these conflicts do nothing. The war crimes continue, the invasions and mass murders by the US army continue. The world must finally see the necessity of destroying the US empire.

All the while, the vast majority of the US population cheers on the murder out of patriotism.