The Limits of Identity Politics on Race

A black British woman said a visit to El Nido, Palawan, was the “worst four days” of her life. Elayne Peddy said she was ridiculed mercilessly by Filipino people. They said things like: “I was called a fat, ugly monkey, big fat black girl. One woman in a shop just grabbed my stomach and said ‘fat! fat! fat!’ I also had to pay twice for trike rides because they said I was too fat.” She and many others are saying that she suffered racism during her trip.

But according to liberalism and identity politics, nothing racist was done to her. By their logic, only White people can be racist, thus Filipinos being brown, they weren’t racist. Others will be quick to note that racism is about a power dynamic. Then it also cannot be racist. Peddy is a first world person, someone who wields wealth and privilege over third world people. So by the logic of liberalism and identity politics, nothing racist transpired.

Follow that same liberal logic, she’s actually just upset over not being treated as privilege over Filipinos.

This is why we need to reject liberalism and identity politics, and their limits to critique.