Want to End Sex-Ed for Kids? Stop Needing it

If there is anything the right hates it’s education. From cutting funding constantly to outright opposing people learning about sexuality in general. This goes for across the pond into the UK as well. It seems to be a generally shared value by conservatives.

One of the most intense oppositions in education by conservatives is sex education to children. In their eyes, knowing the mechanics and the realities of sexual intercourse will make children want to have that sex. Of course, all history of sexual education has proven the opposite. The more educated people are about a subject the better they are at handling it. This goes for teenagers and children as well.

I bring this up because the UK Sun is outraged that children as young as seven are about to receive an education in sexting and online porn.

On the surface, this would seem wholly inappropriate. “Let kids be kids,” they lament. To a large degree, I would support such a sentiment. I’d like things to be that way. However, the reality we face is very different. Threats to children practically exist 24/7 when we consider the time they spend online. Increased access to the world means increased access to dangers.

Education on threats facing children is wholly necessary in order to prepare them for it. Why should they have to live if first before they learn how to deal with it?

Yes, those threats do exist. There are children as young as seven that are sexing and looking at porn. There’s any number of studies that can be found on the first page of a Google search. What many people don’t know is that live streaming sites often get shut down because they fail to enforce content guidelines, almost exclusively as it relates to children.

Stickam and BlogTV were eventually shut down in part because of underage girls posting nude on the site, some as young as seven years old. There are countless videos and archives of videos where these girls are saved by perverts who share them in dubious communities. These videos are records of sexualized children that will remain forever due to the very nature of the internet.

Late stage capitalism has seen fit to ram sex into everything, particularly children. From television shows to clothing lines, to make up, to pseudo-porn online, all of it marketed to children. Sex sells and that’s a fact. A capitalist has no qualms about making a buck off of anything disgraceful and damaging. For decades we’ve been hit with child beauty pageants. We’re also seeing the LGBT community push the child drag queens with very disgusting overt sexualizations of children. Literal stripping with grown gay men throwing dollar bills at them.

The fact is that we live in a hyper-sexualized society. We can argue forever as to why. What we can’t argue about is the need to prepare children to deal with it. Education is always beneficial to people and society.

If you morn children having to be educated in these things, then perhaps you should consider investing in preventing the sickness in our society that is causing it to be necessary.