US & Saudi Moves Really Threatening Global War

“The US Transportation Command announced a start of “large-scale sealift readiness exercise Sept. 16, as part of its Turbo Activation exercise series, ordering dozens of ships to sea.” The Turbo Activation involving 28 ships of the Ready Reserve Force is the biggest since the invasion in Iraq in 2003.” – Source South Front
Simultaneously preparing their transport fleet & deploying troops and anti-air defences to Saudi Arabia. ramping up anti-air defences is mandatory in the event of war, as Iran can take out desalination plants which means no water in the area.
That is Iran’s first bet: bomb the shit out of desalination plants (no freshwater and millions go thirsty.) and oil (causing global economic crisis).
Either it is a very costly form of 4d chess (which if Iran calls the bluff is a major embarrassment – this is a very high risk vs. low reward game) or the US is genuinely prepping for a possible war.
Going to be a world war scale conflict if it is. US, Canada, Australia, and Britain will require mass mobilization and conscription. It is suicide. But the US has really drunk the cool-aid it seems.
This is really not good…