Dangerous Cracks are Showing in the US Government

I’m not one to fear monger, I’ve been pretty accurate with a level headed mostly scientific outlook on the Corona Virus situation. However, lately, there have been some rather frightening developments as of late that could give one pause to their optimism. Thefts of masks are increasing with regards to the US way of mitigating this crisis. (The crisis that doesn’t exist according to Trump’s earlier suggestion.) While this may seem like something relatively benign for a country that frequently kills millions of people in other counties for their resources and access to their markets, there’s something qualitatively different here.

The US government is stealing the coveted N95 masks that are essential for health care workers in dealing with the current viral outbreak. Already the US has stolen masks headed for France, Germany, and even its closest economic ally, Canada. Such a move has caused the prime ministers (and president) of those countries to denounce the US for its blatant act of piracy. What’s important to note is that these countries are allies, not enemies. While it is routine and expect that the US will steal property of the DPRK for violating their unjust sanctions, it’s quite another to do it to your friends.

The repercussions of this are still unknown for the most part. The prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has already threatened retaliation. Speaking at a press conference he reminded President Trump that medical supplies go both ways across the Canada/US border. The threat here is fairly obvious: if need be Canada will confiscate medical supplies that are manufactured in Canada headed to the US. Keep this in mind: the US and Canada have the world’s longest undefended border. They’re intimately tied by a massive amount of trade – and the Americans are still will to rob them blind.

Canada might not be the only country to retaliate if this continues.

Domestically, in the US, things are getting worse. The federal government is now stealing supplies ordered by individual states. The Governor of Massachusetts has already gone to new lengths to prevent the federal government from stealing their supplies. They’ve labelled the transport of N95 masks as a “private humanitarian mission”. The very wealthy Kraft family sent the private jet of the New England Patriots football team to carry the masks from the Chinese manufacturer. At the same time, Massachusetts is complaining that the federal government has not sent them the 1,000 ventilators that they had agreed to send.

Meanwhile, Jared Kushner announced that “The notion of the federal stockpile was it’s supposed to be our stockpile. It’s not supposed to be states stockpiles that they then use.” In other words, people who need it don’t get it. Exactly what are the masks for, if not for those dealing with the crisis? Is it so unreasonable that the masks be distributed according to need? I’m well aware of how that sounds and why it’s considered unacceptable.

US civil society is starting to show cracks. The federal government is stealing from the individual states. The country is stealing from other countries. In New York, businesses are preparing for civil unrest. There very well could be mass unrest sometime shortly. Australian authorities already suspect that the Corona crisis could last six months. The people, in any country can’t remain in quarantine that long without serious repercussions.  In the US, at least, it would be enough to trigger serious unrest.