The Class Divide when it comes to Theft

Sometimes the bias against workers in favour of the capitalist is right in front of our eyes and we don’t even see it. In others, we see it but it’s not quite apparent. Here is a prime example: When it comes to the various manifestations of theft, we can see that it is clearly stacked against working people.

Clearly the theft of wages from workers is astronomically greater than most types of property theft. Under this is the less noticed truth: private property has more protection than employee or even human rights. Here’s a prime example:

If you steal from your employer it’s a criminal offense what warrants the police kicking down your door and shackling you. You then have to go out and get a lawyer to defend yourself in court from that charge(s).

If your employer steals your wages, it’s a “civil offense”. This means your employer won’t be arrested and shackled. He will go ignored by the system of law until you file a civil suit. You have to get a lawyer and drag him into court to pay up on his theft.

Your theft could be a $1 chocolate bar and a criminal act, his could be $32 billion and it’s a civil matter.

Unless he rips off another capitalist in the financial sector, then the cops actually get involved.