Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested in New Hampshire

Jeffery Epstein was the multi-billionaire who was arrested last year in July for sex crimes against children. His right-hand woman, Ghislaine Maxwell, has now been arrested as well.

For almost a year, she’s lived in hiding as the FBI was tracking her. Her arrest was sought on June 29th. Authorities claim she’s involved in sex trafficking.

She, along with Epstein ran the ‘Lolita Express’. It was a private airplane that allowed guests to sexually abuse underage girls, as young as 14. Many of the world’s most wealthy and influential people flew on the plane.

Maxwell appeared before a judge in New Hampshire federal court on Thursday. She was handed over to U.S. Marshals and ordered her to be transferred to New York City to face charges.

A Manhattan federal court has filed six charges claiming Maxwell helped Epstein groom teenage girls for sexual exploitation. They also allege she was involved in the sexual abuse of three girls at Epstein’s Upper East Side townhouse, his Florida estate, and his ranch in New Mexico.

She faces 35 years in prison if convicted.

Last August Epstein officially committed suicide in his cell according to official reports. The public at large disputes the claim. Epstein was connected to the most powerful people in the world, including Prince Andrew of the UK royal family. Many believe that he was murdered to keep him quiet. The same is expected of Maxwell.

The implications of her arrest and pending trial are far-reaching. People such as the current US president, Donald Trump, and former president Bill Clinton are known to have flown on the ‘Lolita Express’. The danger is that many of the world’s most powerful people may be exposed as sex abusers.