Massive US Hypocrisy over Kong Hong Security Law

The US is adamant that China creating a national security law for its territory of Hong Kong, is a form of fascism. But there are a few points that should be made. If China was so totalitarian towards Hong Kong, as the US suggests, why wasn’t there on before? The fact is, Hong Kong was part of the “One Country Two Systems” plan. It did act more or less like a different system than the mainland. (I don’t see much difference in the mode of production.)

Protesters take to the street in defiance of mainland law

Why is it until now that there were no such laws, yet China was supposedly so dictatorial over it? Hong Kong has had a relatively free hand to do as it pleased. But at no point should we accept it being allowed to threaten the country. What state ever allowed people to openly advocate for sabotage? This is tantamount to saying that China has no right to defend itself. Every state, legitimate or not, will defend itself. To expect no resistance to sabotage is nonsense.

The outrage by the US is over the signing of a national security law. Then I wonder how the US would feel if it took that critical eye and pointed it towards themselves? After all, they have the following national security laws:

Alien Enemies Act of 1798

Espionage Act of 1917

Immigration Act of 1924

Alien Registration Act of 1940

National Security Act of 1947

Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949

Executive Order 12333

Intelligence identities Protection Act 1982

Foreign Missions Act

National Security Education Act of 1991

Counterintelligence and Security Enhancement Act of 1994

Economics Espionage Act of 1996

Patriot Act

Homeland Security Act of 2002

Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004

Protect America Act of 2007

Foreign Investment and national Security Act of 2007

USA Freedom Act

Cyber Security Information Sharing Act

Yet, China cannot be allowed to have one? If having one law makes China totalitarian, then what does that make the US?