Cancel Culture is Assaulting Women’s Sexual Freedom

In a moment that shows a startling lack of self-awareness, the cancel culture crowd has crossed the line from wanting to combat racial prejudice into misogyny. Yes, actual woman-hating misogyny.

Londoner Jodie Comer, who has appeared in many high profile movies and shows (Remember Me, The White Princess, Killing Eve, and The Rise of Skywalker,) has been a long and important advocate for LGBT population.

However, she now finds herself on the liberal SJW cancel list. What is her crime? Dating a Republican. It is alleged, that she dating an American named James Burke. He is allegedly enrolled in the Republican Party. This is considered unacceptable if she even is dating him. (For the sake of argument, we’ll assume she does.)

It should be obvious what is wrong here: A woman is being attacked for who she chooses to date. Last time I checked, that was a part of patriarchy. It’s a blatant attempt to control a woman’s sex life by threatening her professional and personal life.

They have no right to be doing this. It is an absolute betrayal of women’s rights to attack, harass, degrade or shame a woman for who she chooses to be romantically involved with. (Actually, it’s wrong to do it to anyone but, we’re talking about the liberal SJW crowd here.)

Notice they’re attacking her but not him (who’s allegedly a bigot).

For all the talk about “intersectionality” and being progressive, they seem to have forgotten the rights of women. (I’ll spare you any quip about horseshoe theory.) But why let that get in the way of self-righteous cancel culture warriors? This outrage reminds us why liberalism is the enemy, and revolutionary science is the way forward.