Critical Media Misrepresentation on Iran

This disinformation surrounding the Iranian nuclear program and the now-defunct Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is staggering. What makes this worse is the deliberate omission by the Western media, liberal or conservative, as to the recent attacks that have taken place on Iranian soil. This sweeping under the rug of the incidents reveals much about the motivations of the imperialist powers involved. Oh, I’m sure CNN or FOX briefly mentioned it with a ten-second sound bite.

In the last few weeks, Iran has faced what can only be described as terrorist attacks upon their peaceful nuclear program. There have been several explosions around industrial facilities that contain nuclear materials. Other facilities have been targeted with cyber attacks most likely coming out of Israel. The US has sent warships into the Persian Gulf with the specific purpose of provoking a violent incident.

News of the recent explosions is what has been partially censored by the media. (Even a New York Times article cites a Middle Eastern intelligence official who says the explosions at Iran’s Natanz nuclear complex was the work of Israel.)

The imperialist media (US, UK, etc.) are happy to make all kinds of allegations against Iran when they do so much as sneeze. Yet these significant and dangerous events aren’t worth mention? Most probably because you’re not meant to know. They’d like you to forget about it when framing the situation to you. All you need to know is “Iran bad, America good”.

The point here is the way the American (imperialist media) is framing the whole situation. The US is deliberately leaving out the important context for all of these incidents.

  1. Iran has never pursued a nuclear weapon.
  2. There is zero evidence that they ever had.
  3. The US withdrew from a peaceful deal that was working.
  4. The US is the one who is literally killing Iranians with sanctions.
  5. Iran wields no power over the US whatsoever.
  6. The US murdered an important anti-ISIS general in Qasem Soleimani

It’s clear that when you remove these important pieces of information from the whole situation, you get a very different picture of it. We see quite clearly that it is the US who has instigated the situation, sabotaged peace efforts, murdered Iranians, and have attempted to provoke a war. Iran has sought peaceful cooperative relations with Iraq and Syria, something the US cannot allow to happen since they are currently engaged in the conquest of them – Iraq by occupation and Syria by proxy forces.

The mainstream media is lying to you. They want you to hate Iran, which has done nothing to you, while the US has spent decades killing Iranians.