COVID-19 Disparity Update

THOUSANDS of cars form mile-long line at Dallas food bank as families drive across Texas for box of noodles, spaghetti sauce, peanut butter, rice, and trail mix as unemployment cripples state:

One-Third Of New York City Residents Have Lost Their Jobs, Report Says

California begins rolling blackouts after first Stage 3 emergency since 2001 (one of many states experiencing up to days long blackouts)

US postal service physically dismantling post sorting machines, and removing thousands of post boxes after Trump threatens to shut down mail in ballots

Diseased Chicken for Dinner? The USDA Is Considering It:
A proposed new rule would allow poultry plants to process diseased chickens. That’s the last thing Americans need (Extreme response to meat shortages and current bird flu pandemic)

Heavily armed private mercenaries deployed to Seattle –

End to US unemployment protections could fuel wave of despair and suicides
Experts warn over mental health threat if US fails to reinstate enhanced jobless benefits and eviction moratoriums