Caution: There is no safe-space here, just like in real life. A safe-space is what the privileged call being able to shut out the terrible reality of the real world. It’s something those who are not privileged don’t get to do. People who die at the hands of death squads, get a disease from dirty water, bombed by the U.S. military get no such luxury.

Trigger Warning: Truth. The American Empire is the greatest murdering, evil that has ever existed. The American people are in active cooperation with the crimes of their country against humanity. It is not the fault of the government. The state is only a manifestation of their ideology, economic system, and the mentality of the American people. America was born as an empire and continued to be one once gaining its independence. Nothing changes this fact. There is no golden era of American righteousness or altruism. You will be offended – because your arrogant, self-absorbed mindset will be challenged.

Uncomfortable Truth: The average American lives high on the hog of imperialism. The average American is literally the 1% of the world. Even the poorest of Americans are towering head and shoulders over the global poor. The U.S. poverty line is said to be $11,770 a year. Globally, it’s $694 a year at $1.90 a day. Why is this important? Because, there is only a rich because there is a poor. There is only a first world because there is a third world. America plunders the third world for its benefit. If the entire world consumed at the same rate as Americans, it would take four whole planet Earths of resources to sustain it. It is literally impossible for global poverty to be eliminated, so long as the U.S. Empire exists.

Reality: All American people are responsible for the crimes of their country. They are beneficiaries of those very same crimes. They grow fat off the theft of wealth from the third world. That fat is what keeps them from putting an end to their own system. They benefit too much from it to make it worth their while to stop it. All Americans are responsible – no blissful ignorance, or self-entitled denial makes them exempt from it. Americans are the enemy.

The Way Forward: As a result of American greed and apathy (as well as the rest of the first world) we require a new theory of liberation for the poor. Marx’s prediction that it would be the industrial working classes of the advanced capitalist nations to lead the revolution – has been proven false. In fact, it has been the more backward countries that have led revolution: Russia, China, Cuba, and Vietnam, are the prime examples. A new stage in Marxist theory must be developed. The contributions of Lenin and Mao are essential, but they are not everything. We live in a different time and the world is a different place from when these men lived and theorized.

There must be a new theory to reflect the new reality, to reflect the world we live in today. To build revolution, to liberate the poor of the third world.

Maoism-Third Worldism is the answer

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  1. Thanks for writing the debunking Thomas Peterffy post. I don’t usually watch CNN. But I did due to Hurricane Sandy as I have family on the east coast. This guys adds were really upsetting. I wanted to yell at the screen every time they came on that it was being on the wrong end of the war, not socialism that screwed his country. Anyway, thanks for the cogent rebuttal. I linked on my facebook page.

    You seem like a smart cookie. I wish you well.


  2. Hi Maoist Rebel News, Greetings from Turkey. As an ex-Trotskyist and new Stalinist, I am studying the Enver Hoxha’s and Mao Tse-tung’s political views. I wanted to ask a Maoist that what he thinks about Hoxhaism. So what do you think?

  3. Thank you. I am trying to be objective this time and I don’t want to make the same mistake that I did before, about Trotsky-Stalin contradiction and believing the Orwellian propaganda. You are doing a good job. Keep up the good work.

      • Well, yours is actually in the 4th row of the google search so you find it directly after clicking the search button.
        I know that “we” can’t get all of them removed. But every single one is a small success.
        If every webmaster/admin/owner refuses because they are “everywhere” then of course nothing will get better.
        I know and see that you did not have bad intentions with this article. It is a good one, even though it won’t stop haters from hating. You can’t convince them with facts or logic.
        But because of the use of the picture there is a saying that applies. Translated it would be something like: “The opposite of well is well-meant.”

  4. i really love this site–and the videos. jason unruhe’s analysis is brilliant and so dead-on.

  5. Cool blog you have here, Jason. I’m not a socialist, though I almost feel bad the anti-socialists follow you here, presenting their same kind of attacks. Ah well, keep up the good work.

  6. Hi again, Maoist Rebel News. Greetings from Turkey. Did you remember me? I’m that ‘ex-Trotskyist new Stalinist’ guy.
    Anyway, thanks for the video you uploaded. I don’t have youtube account so I’m writing this here and I want everyone to see it. I wanted to say that these riots are not only in Istanbul but almost whole Turkey. And right now there are thousands of injuried people around the country due to the riots. Government is trying to cut off the communication systems in Istanbul, Taksim Square. My friend is in Istanbul and he cannot use Internet. He is updating me from mobile phone. Police forces are almost out of pepper gas and they started to use orange gas(the gas that US have used in Vietnam War). Mainstream media in Turkey(which is puppet of Justice and Development Party… and this party is puppet of USA) shows NOTHING about the riots. According to rumors, some people started to invade some of these media buildings. But there is nothing obvious. We only have Internet and mobile phones to communicate (and also two leftist TV channels with very very low ratings) Also police helicopters are launching gas shells onto people. There is a little animosity started to grow up between Turkish police and Turkish soldiers. Soldiers are giving masks to the people which are affected from gas attack. You may see videos about these stuff on Youtube. I’m saying again there is nothing obvious. Some of these stuff may just be false rumors but it is definitely obvious that there are huge riots going on.
    But still, I’m scaring of the possibility that this enthusiastic movement may fade away and be forgotten. I can see that you are spreading the word around Youtube. Thank you for that. Please keep supporting us.
    And keep up the good work.

  7. Lal Salaam.

    As a dedicated Marxist-Leninist, and supporter of the people’s revolutionary movement here in India, I have long been a follower of your channel, and would greatly appreciate to be aware of your take upon the progressive leaders of Africa, not exclusively fellow Marxists such as Capitan Thomas Sankara, but also such socialist leaders as Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, their policies, and methods, such as Ujamaa and the Arusha Declaration. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you personally. At one time, I saw the DPRK as a traitor to the people, but based off of what you reveal, I discovered for myself the hidden truth. Indeed, this thinking has helped me gain a greater understanding of the world as a whole, particularly in Africa.

    In regards to this, what do you think of this model, which is my own neo-Gandhian Marxist approach to development in not only India, but the largely rural oppressed societies of the world such as Africa and South America. I shall tell you from experience, that the commune system is ripe for use in India. I myself have spent time in several.



    From India, I salute you.

    Inquilab Zindabad!

  8. Hi,

    I came across your blog by chance, and I was very surprised. I did not know there were still Maoïsts abroad. Are you numerous? Why do you think they have almost disappeared here in China? (Sorry for my so so English). Regards.
    BU Mingbai.

    • There are Maoists in many countries, India, Philippines, Nepal, Bengal, Turkey, Peru. The Maoists are returning in China after having been persecuted for so long after Mao’s death.

      • So only in a few poor countries… Here, they have almost disappeared. Only a few old people now. 2 or 3 years ago, there was apparently a revival in Chongqing, where Bo Xilai put in place some policies reminiscent of Maoism. But in fact, people rapidly found out that he was not at all Maoist (he was very corrupted, his wife killed an English man, his son studied in expensive universities in England and USA). I do not know in the countries you said, but here, they are not persecuted. It is just that nobody pay attention to them, they are a thing of the past that nobody want to remember. Only some old people gather together in parks to sing songs to remember their youth.
        Are you persecuted in America?

      • Relatively speaking they are persecuted. Not to the level they are in other countries because they do not have the power the Maoists in other countries do.

  9. I did not know that. Is it true that Maoists go in jail in your country? They have no right to speech?

  10. dear mr. jason unruhe,
    warm greetings of solidarity from the ndfp international office.
    we appreciate your efforts in spreading the news about the revolutionary movement on the internet.
    please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need additional information about the Philippine revolution. you may also subscribe to our mailing list in order to receive the latest press statements, messages, or articles, by sending us your name and email address.

    thank you for your attention.
    international information office
    national democratic front of the philippines

  11. Hi Jason I think your videos are very informative and give Marxist ideals and tenants a great defense from capitalist. I also think that you cover up a little for Mao and Stalin for example the KGB stated that Stalin was responsible for 42 million deaths mostly via starvation. You seem to say that he was responsible for FAR fewer mabe a million at the most and I think that you say mabe 250,000 thousand. I’m a Marxist as well and I don’t think it should be a duty of the Marxist to cover for the mistakes made by other Marxist governments in history. Other than that keep it up I really like your videos.

    • I do not “cover up for Mao and Stalin”. The claims of tens of millions killed is preposterous.If I reject this notion I am somehow “covering up”?

  12. It’s probably right under my nose but I can’t see a way to comment on individual posts so I’ll ask here: Can you give a thumbnail sketch of your objections to 3D printing? I haven’t followed it closely but I when I heard about the RepRap project a few years ago my immediate thought was that it had the potential, if developed far enough, to pose a threat to capital.

    • I don’t have an opposition to 3D printing. What I’ll be saying is that it is dangerous to capitalism. In a very brief explanation, the easier and cheaper a commodity is to produce the less profitable it is. This of course leads to a lack of profitability which makes capital investment unprofitable cause the system to go into crisis if done on a large enough scale. If its done in a communist society or say something like the Venus Project it would be very useful because it isn’t relying on a system of profitable commodity exchange in order to produce.

      • Thanks. It seems we agree. I was confused by your cover for Utopian Capitalism. I got the impression that you were including 3D printing as an example of the “false promises of modern libertarian ideas,” not as something that might undermine those ideas. Good luck with the book.

      • Yea, my point was that it won;t create so-called “real” capitalism. Ultra cheap production undermines capitalist function by making it less profitable to produce. Essentially it breaks the circuit of industrial capital eventually due to a falling rate of profit and sparks off crisis. If you want a preview of what is coming I’d suggest the ebook I wrote on the subject earlier. This doesn’t have much in the way of Marxist critique but its still good. https://maoistrebelnews.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/dealing-with-libertarian-assumptions-on-3d-printing1.pdf

  13. Hello Mr. Jason Unruhe,
    I find your commentary and all of your videos extremely informative and am often inspired by your ideas. I am just wondering if you have heard of a man by the name of ‘Rewi Alley’? I expect that you, as a Maoist would have a small idea of who he is.
    Rewi Alley just so happens to be my one of my relatives. I have many if his works at my house, including a lot of poetry and political works. I his sisters’ copy of ‘Quotations From Chairman Mao Zedong’. I also currently attend the school that he used to go to. There is a large portait of the Chairman and Rewi Alley hanging in the main room of my house, signed by Rewi Alley and Mao Zedong, gifted to my family by the Chinese Communist Party. Which Rewi Alley was also a member of.
    I too, hope to take to a life of politics and influence my country which the teachings of communism.

  14. Hi Jason:
    I’m a Chinese fan of you, I think your videos are full of wisdom with enough logic, materials and knowlege, I really admire you for that, have you think about offering more ways to communicate with Chinese people? for example, You can give your video a Chinese text translation and upload it to youku.com, or register weibo, you would be very famous for your thought in China I think!

      • Thank you very much for answering my question, can you do a little sharing the way you study? the way you you collect information, how you make use of your time, how are you able to spend so much time learning and giving videos and at the same time, make a living, etc. You are a erudite to me, if you could share some of your experience, I would be really grateful! thanks!

  15. You are my favorite person on the internet. I cannot describe how much you’ve shown me and enlightened me. Jason Unruhe for Chairman!

    Thank you a trillion times!

    I wish you good, no, excellent fortune! You are brilliant!

    I’m just a 14-year-old living in Boise, Idaho, USA. I am constantly questioned and criticized for my beliefs at school, but with your blog and my collection of Mao’s works, I can defend my very correct beliefs effectively.

  16. Dear Jason,

    the third world countries have all the natural potential that is lacking in the civilized world. I wonder what a revolution is all about, but when we look at nature language fails. I guess, a revolution is about letting your hair grow, and slowly following back the evolutionary devolopement to become apes, monkeys, and other kinds of animals again. So to make it short we have to drop bombs (but it would be a pity) on the whole civilization unless people will let their hair grow and return to nature. My revolutionary slogan is “Uggah Aggah Uggah” (You know, it might thave been used in the stone ages, and I am not for articulating things too clearly). My idea is also to drop all boarders internationally so people can visit eachother . I mean, it is such a hyopocrisy, that first people build nations and set up boarders, so that then they can build political bridges and call themselves friends. I mean, firdst they shuould drop the boarders. Also without the boarders i twould be more easy to invite eachother to lunch (God knows, why politicians don’t find it too complicated to travel and eat together and therefore pass the borders, standing fear and showing their papers when all they actually want is too eat good food).
    Well, the civilized imperialist countries are deceived, that it all was about industrial, technological or digital progress, but I guess, it is more basic. The only reason, why man does not want to go back to nature, is beacause man is adhering to language. I mean, that’s deep. Language should be used to attack civilisation, I mean, it is okay to be polite and everything, but people really should be made attentive, that the economy just can’t keep growing without measure. I mean to become a revolutionary you have to turn towards the Unspeakable (NATURE!).
    (I mean, really watch the revolutionaries, they all fought out of the mountains, the bays, the forests with the guerilla. I mean, I also would prefer a wild life. I lived like that a little bit some time, I lived in the mountains, but after a while one feels that civilisation is menacing nature and having grown used to civilization knowing my enemy I can’ stay calm. So I found that the way is no to only to retreat into nature, but to aim at destróying civilisation, so there would be more nature, kind of a paradise. I’m a child of civilisation, who had had a slight taste of nature.)
    To become a real revolutionary you really should invite me to a meeting (I am kind of rootless at the moment and might be able to travel to good old England, if you are there. I can cook everything from bloody steaks to like really fresh vegan food and best of all the right amount, we also could gather some wild herbs to eat.)


  17. P.s. I was just kidding about the bombs. The serious background is, that I wonder if mankind will ever find his way back into the unison of nature out of a free will or whether they would have to be more or less made attentive and forced to take reasonable decisions.
    The first work of Karl Marx, the “Grundrisse”, see the ground as a first value in the circulation of capital, but I really mean, that it all takes place one step earlier: the dividing up of nature is a crime. When we see, how many boarders are set up in nature, we arrive to the conclusion, that all beings should be able to move freely in nature. And this freedom is worth speaking up for and this freedom is worth fighting for! But we always should use the power of the word, because we should appeal to the reason in every man.

    Civilization does not offer only comfort, as Karl Marx had written. Civilisation is only depriving people of the forces and fullness of nature. Of course in nature there is some deprivation, too, mostly the deprivation of comfort. It is important to watch civilization and nature in a balanced view in regard to deprivation and comfort.

    The forces of nature are infinite and we should join into nature to share its forces. Yet at that point it would be more realistic, if we came to a more moderate solution of finding ways to coexist with eachother. The progress of civilization is too fast and destructive. I mean, nature changes so slowly and gently over the span of millions nof years, why can’t we just go with it and enter into the precious old age of the planet.

    Human beings should get the insight, that language is artificial, what about all the nonverbal means of expression like sounds and movements. Why don’t we want to enter this deep course of the expressions of life again and contribute to the intelligence of the mind.

  18. Long time no see. Are you still selling books at the MRN bookstore? I’m thinking about getting a book or two from you.

  19. Comrade; keep up the fight, the proletariat needs you. [Also, I saw a video you made conveying how pissed you were about being attacked so much and so pettily and I wanted to console you with Plato- “strange times are these in which we live when the old and the young are taught falsehoods in school. And the person that dares to tell the truth is called a fool and a lunatic.” supposedly Plato. Nah, but seriously, you cope so much flak cos your right ay.

  20. Hello Jason! Keep up the good work comrade! Also, I was wondering, As I’m quite new to the left, I often have hard-to-answer questions, you seem to be a pretty smart guy, how can I contact you to see if you can clarify some doubts that I have? If you have the time of course haha

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