My name is Jason Unruhe and I run the Maoist Rebel News YouTube channel. For the past 6 years I have been providing news and commentary from a Marxist perspective. I feel that I provide a service by creating videos. In addition to news I also provide economic analysis, educational videos, and refutations of competing economic ideologies, some pop culture critique and a reliable source of information on North Korea. It’s very hard to keep a a service like this going financially and I need you help to do it. Most contributors chose to make a small monthly donation via Patreon. Thank you for any support you can give. Just click the logo below to show your support!

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10 thoughts on “Donate

  1. Jason, some of us are not that techno smart we prefer the tried and true old dtodgy stuff like echacks and and paypal not Patreon and stuff we are unfamiliar with as usual perhaps I am delusional where the USA USA USA does it to me ( and where I always seem to hear that football chant as if it was hari krishna ) best wishes

      • But Jason Comrade, Sir, How in real life how could anyone normal refuse refuse to buy a wonderfully nice progressive guy like you a beer or coffee? Well sure I could perhaps the world sucks and it rubbed off too much but after I find a counter post of fascist design attempting to conject that “Islam equals fascism” withing the highly pro-fascist Google YouTube environment how can I resist it is simply all too much for me to resist.
        For sure you and I make some errors, but heck we are all open minded “good liberals ” here especially since so many seem to equate liberalism with socialism with communism with Obomber with Islam in the deomonization of America in the broad stroke that would cripple imperialist foreign and domestic policy. Most strange it seems that the prevailing brainless outlooks in the US if allowed to come to power would like Hitler cripple their ability to respond, as imperialism seems already hampered by extremist views in wars that already have been going on longer than than the time Hitler was in office namely 13 years. True there is no CCCP nor a PRC as there once was but it seems the extremists present a contradiction of liberal vs conservative vs feudalism: in which superficially they oppose each other in what they dedicate billions yet unite against those like us in what I find humorous as we are regded as nothing they something yet their arguments all seem false in what I can not make clear enough.

        As it seems some in western capitalism seem like they want to lose these wars just so they can blame Obomber and those like him much like they blamed Jews for their losses in WWI though tens of thousands of Jews fought and distinguished themselves on most sides of WWI (England, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Russia, which included all their colonies to boot). Where by like in the Vietnam war they won every major battle but yet still lost the war simply because they but their hopes in the false idols of capitalism and in fact murdered their own (Diem and JFK) so as to feed their hunger for unbridled profits and war (the Vietnam War) the peace talks of which under LBJ were sabotaged by conservatives just to end not in military failure but political failure as the South Vietnamese government had no validity on which basis it could stand with any resilience in their pathetic capitulation. A pathetic capitulation because capitalism pathetically boasts of strengths which in actuallity are hollow just as its big gas guzzling cars gave way to fuel efficiency joggling and bicycles with the rise of oil prices. Where the very same people who assassinated Minister LaPort Labour Minister so as to promote martial law are the same people who sit in your parliament today.

        I take it you don’t like Paypal just as much as I work too hard for my position in life am
        not often happy and don’t celebrate perhaps if my long lost friends and family from Canada give me a surprise visit I would have something to celebrate though otherwise this life here seems like exile house arrest and prison as the countryside that once was the heartland is now desolate and as TS Elliot stated “Wasteland”.stripped as to say of its resources namely people all while they are prisoners of Walmart and an endless array of box stores.

        Best wishes and salutations I enjoy your productions please feel free as your good work is appreciated greatly as it is intelligent and thoughtful.

  2. Hi Jason, I watch your videos daily and although not a Maoist, appreciate and agree with most everything you post. I would consider myself a Sandinista/Chavista if I had to label myself. Anyhow, I would love to see you post a video about the fact that a Somoza gave a speech at the DNC. I assume you are aware of this, the young disabled woman , Anastasia Somoza, is the descendent of the notorious fascist dictators AND actually named after them,albeit in feminine form. Anastasio Somoza was her great grandpa, Luis her grandfather,and Anastasio”Tachito” her great uncle. It blows my mind that she spoke there… it’s the equivalent of Hitler’s grandchild Adolfa speaking there because he runs an NGO. Please shoot me an email when possible, I spent some time in Nicaragua and can share some information about this with you. Thanks.

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