Maoism-Third Worldism


Maoism-Third Worldism is an unofficial name for what is theorized as the fourth stage in the evolution of Marxist theory. There is no official title, but Maoism-Third Worldism is the most common one. The difficulty arises out of the vague beginnings of the ideology. As Mao Zedong fell to revisionism, just as Stalin had, Lin Biao gave a few ideas as to how the next stage could be formulated. He unfortunately died before any real concrete theory could be put forward. The most important work, representing a kind of foundation is “Long Live the Victory of People’s War”. In it he outlined a general stance of the First versus the Third World. Since then a group called the Maoist International Movement and several independent authors have contributed ideas.

There is no cohesive Third-Worldist theory. There are however phony Third Worldist groups and ideologies. In particular, so-called Marxism-Third Worldism has very little to do with Marxist theory. In actuality it is liberal identity politics that masquerades as Marxism. It is inherently reactionary, it opposes revolutionary work, engages constantly in wrecking, it is harmful to Third World people including women, and does what’s called “waving the red flag to oppose the red flag.” It is important to distinguish between phony Third Worldists from real Third Worldists

One group the Leading Light Communist Organization has taken many of those ideas, combined them with their own into a single solitary theory. It cannot be called Maoism-Third Worldism as such, as they have enmeshed it with their own ideas. They have formulated “Leading Light Communism”. I have my particular reservations about their ideology, but support the vast majority of it. What I have here for the reader is a collection of works that give the general idea behind Third Worldism.

Lin Biao – Long Live the Victory of People’s War!

Che Guevara – Message to the Tricontinental (Two, Three, Many Vietnams)

Anwar Shaikh – Foreign Trade and the Law of Value, Part I

Anwar Shaikh – Foreign Trade and the Law of Value, Part II

Emmanuel Arghiri – Unequal Exchange, a Study of the Imperialism of Trade

J. Sakai – Settlers, the Mythology of the White Proletariat

Samir Amin – Accumulation On A World Scale

Zak Cope – Divided World, Divided Class: Global Political Economy & The Stratification Of Labour Under Capitalism

Samir Amin – Imperialism & Unequal Development

Samir Amin – The Law Of Worldwide Value (Second Edition)

Samir Amin – Unequal Development: An Essay on the Social Formations of Peripheral Capitalism


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