Half of Amerikkkans Deny Racist Oppression

One of the most telling things about the so-called First World revolutionary potential is the divide between Black and White “workers”. If we were to take the First Worldists at their word, you would think that there is a common class identity across

Baltimore: Revolutionary Potential?

The situation in Baltimore is another example of the growing popular anger towards the injustice meted out by the repressive forces of the ruling class. Protests and riots against the police and their continuous killings; this time Freddie Grey.

Music of the Oppressed Black Nation

One doesn’t need sight to know that African-Americans of the United States of America are an oppressed people. To have knowledge of this one only needs to listen. For early African-American folk songs would be signals for the Underground Railroad. During the Civil Rights Movement in the USA slave songs were sung in hopes of…

In Defence of “No, I am Charlie”

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo shooting in which 12 members of a racist imperialist satirical magazine lost their lives, the website Systemic Capital published an image deemed offensive for at least two people. A friend of mine was asked to apologize for sharing this photo on Facebook because of its supposed offensive nature.…

Woman Sues Sperm Bank after Mixed-Race Child Birth

A rather strange story is developing out of Ohio. A White lesbian couple has decided to make a legal filing after experiencing difficulty raising a biracial child which they had from donated sperm. The couple went to the Downers Grove-based Midwest Sperm Bank in 2011 seeking sperm for an artificial insemination. While the pregnancy took…